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Mumbai based indian manufacturers & exporters of Sealrust™ VCI, anti corrosion, anti rust poly bags, Tubes, plastic PE wrappers and stretch cling film for protection of metal parts, components and finished goods for storage and export packing; non-tearable, polyfab, plastics material; synthetic paper, non-tearable material in sheets form, water proof, water resistance, tear resistance, dimentionaly stable, easy to clean, 100% recyclable; made in India

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All our promotional products are made out of non-tearable recyclable material

polyfab non-terable material made in india by modipoly

 Non-tearable, non-wood, polyfab, synthetic material

Non-tearable material, which is also known as synthetic paper or non-wood paper, is made from plastic such as polypropylene, low density polythene or high density polythene with the aid of inorganic fillers. It is extruded through a die and the sheet is treated on line to enhance its printing and gumming performance. It does not contain any wood fibre.

 Properties of non-tearable / polyfab material

  • Water and tear resistance.
  • Does not absorb oil or grease.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Can withstand temperature from -60 to +200 degree F.
  • Dimensionally stable and can be folded, perforated, embossed.
  • Non toxic, odour free and 100% recyclable.
  • Does not require lamination. However lamination can be done to enhance appearance.

 Environmental issues

Non-tearable material manufactured by us is 100% recyclable as a plastic. It does not emit any toxic fumes when incinerated.

Since it is manufactured by using non-toxic material, it does not produce any toxic by-products. Hence products made out of non-tearable / non-wood material are very safe.

 Non-tearable (non-wood) material vs Paper

  • Non-tearable material can withstand environmental abuse which paper cannot.

  • Non-tearable material is water, oil, grease resistant compared to paper.

  • Non-tearable material has much more tensile strength than paper, hence it is tear resistance.

 What are we manufacturing ?

We are manufacturing two varieties of non tearable, synthetic, non wood plastic material known as PolyFab material and PolyPaper material.

 Poly Fab Material

"PolyFab" Material developed by us is made out of low density polythene. It has the following features :

 Poly Paper Material

"PolyPaper" Material is made out of high density polythene. It has the following features :

  • "PolyPaper" has appearance of paper and mirror gloss finish on one side of the sheet because of which it does not require any lamination.

  • It is printable on both sides and also gumming can be done on both sides.

  • It is stiff in nature, washable and 100% recyclable.

  • "PolyPaper" Material is best suitable for making multicolour printed posters, calendars, stickers and labels
vci, anti corrosion specialty packing intermediate performance plastics polymers

VCI, Anti Corrosion Custom Poly Bags, Stretch Cling Sheets

We also manufacture custom specialty packaging, protective, intermediate and performane plastics sheets, anti corrosive tubes and bags for most critical industrial applications. Some of our special application products are listed below:

  • Insulation and corrosion protective Tapes
  • Poly wrappers of custom width and thickness as per clients requriment for steel wire industry for packing and protection to coils. Printed Plastics wrappers are also used by manufacturers of hose pipes.
  • Corrosion retardent, anti Corrosion, VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) based speciality flexible packing & protective plastics sheets and poly bags for packaging and all other applications
  • Stretch Cling Film with VCI Properties for seaworthy export packaging for protection of metal parts, components and finished goods.
  • Printed Poly stickers, Tags and Tapes as per as per clients requirements. Custom Gumming is done for all critical industrial applications.
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