custom self adhesive stickers, labels and decorative decals, offset graphics or screen printed on vinyl with white background or transparent material made in india by Modi Poly

 Tranparent water proof & water resistance stickers, labels and stickers to promote corporate name, logo, product and slogan, custom self-addesive bumper stickers with full gumming or strip gummed, custom screen print or multicolored offset graphics / process printed stickers,also back side printing; stickers, labels and decals in custom choice of color, copy matter, shaps and sizes, design and image with transparent or white base material for all industrial applications, custom stickers & labels made in india by Modi Poly, a Mumbai based Indian manufacturers and exporters. 

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All our promotional products are made out of non-tearable recyclable material

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custom printed stickers labels made in india customized foil stickers, self-addesives transparent labels and bumper stickers with full gumming or strip gummed from Modi Poly, a mumbai based indian manufacturer and exporter
custom self-addesive bumper and industrial stickers made using paper, white vinyl, transparent bopp as background by a modipoly a mumbai based indian exporter and manufacturer
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Process printed Stickers made out of Non-tearable plastics material
Calendars - Coasters - Mouse Pads - Placemats & Tablemats - POP Posters & Banners
Presentation File Folders - Shopping Bags & Carry Bags - Stickers & labels
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manufacturers & exporters of custom process printed transparent stickers & labels
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