corrosion protection, rust prevention, corrosion control custom poly products, made in india by Modi Poly

Mumbai based Indian manufacturer and exporter of sealrust™ VCI, anti corrosion & rust preventive, poly custom bags, tubes & sheets; stretch cling film & wrappers; being ultimate long term solution for protection of components, parts, assemblies and finished goods made out of ferrous, non-ferrous metal and multi metals. We provide rust preventive, corrosion control and corrosion prevention long term solution for storage, transit and shipment for exports of consignments and pallets.

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sealrust poly products for protection from corrosion, rust

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  • About Corrosion and its impact on Industries
  • Corrosion and Rust
  • Corrosion Inhibitor System for Protection
  • VCI Custom Poly Bags, Tubing & Sheets
  • VCI Poly Wrappers in Custom Sizes & Thickness
  • Stretch Cling Film & Wrappers with VCI Properties
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About Modipoly Group

  • General Information about Modipoly Group
  • Names of Our Manufacturing Units
  • Our Contact Information
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Various options for Corrosion Protection : Comparison

  • Suitability
  • Method of Application
  • Drawback of Using
  • Moisture Barrier Properties
  • Availability and Sizes
  • Transparency
  • Additional Packing?
  • Cost/Benefits Effectiveness
corrosion protection options

Moisture : Prime Cause of Corrosion of Metal Products

  • Corrosion of Material due to Moisture
  • Effect of Temperature on Humidity
  • Relative Humidity (RH)
  • Protection of Material against Moisture Damage
  • Ultimate Packaging Solution for Protection from Corrosion
selection of proper vci material

Sealrust™ Products with Moisture Barrier & VCI Properties

  • Prevention of Corrosion
  • Moisture Barrier Bags for Corrosion Control
  • Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Poly Bags for Corrosion Control
  • Ultimate Packaging Solution for Protection from Corrosion
selection of proper vci material

Selection of Proper Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Material

  • Nature of Material and surface to be protected
  • Methods of Handling
  • Type of Protection needed
  • Packaging Environment and Packaging System
  • Period and Duration of effectiveness
  • Method of application of VCI Products
selection of proper vci material

VCI Poly Packaging Products : Technical Information

  • Advantages of VCI Poly Products over
  • Difference between VCI Poly and VCI Paper
  • Life span of sealrust™ Poly Products
  • Effect of thickness of sealrust™ Poly Products
  • Appropriate Method of closing sealrust™ Bags
  • Mono extruded VCI Film & Coextruded Film
  • Can VCI active agent be seen, smelt or felt?
  • Effect of colour variation in VCI material?
  • Effectiveness of Salt Spray Test?
  • Recycling of sealrust™ Poly Bags & Tubing
technical information of vci poly material

Guidelines for using VCI Packaging Products

  • Material should be free from Dust and Rust
  • Packing person should always wear gloves
  • Avoid contact of wood with the metal
  • Natal Coils to be tightly overlapped
  • Not more than six months stock of VCI material
  • Salt Spray Tests provide only Guidelines
  • Field Testing is recommended of VCI Products
  • Sealrust™ VCI Products for Industrial use Only.
guidelines for using vci products

Export Packaging Solutions for Corrosion Control

  • VCI Poly Products for Export Packaging
  • Advantages of VCI Plastics Bags, Tubing, Sheets
  • Customised poly Products for specific Requirements
export packaging solution

Suitability of VCI Poly Flexible Material over VCI Paper

  • Effective Moisture Barrier Properties
  • Additional Benefits of Anti Corrosion Properties
  • Poly Packaging Material is Transparent
  • Other Benefits of VCI Poly Material
  • Superior VCI Properties for Optimum Protection
  • Safe and Protective Enclosure with Poly Material
export packaging solution

Salt Spray Test Report as per ASTM B-117 for 1,000 Hrs

  • Poly Bag of 500 gauge Tested by IIT Mumbai
export packaging solution

Range & Specifications of VCI Poly Products

  • Specifications of VCI Poly Bags & Tubes
  • Specifications of VCI Poly Sheets & Wrappers
  • Specifications of Stretch Cling Film
specifications of bags, sheets, wrappers, cling film

How to Measure VCI Poly Material for Ordering

  • How Poly Bags are measured ?
  • How Gusseted Bags are measured ?
  • How Pallet Covers or 3D Bags are measured ?
  • How Poly Tubing is Measured ?
measurement, measure, measuring

VCI Poly Bags, Sheets & Tubes

  • Sealrust™ Corrosion Resistance, VCI Poly Bags
  • Advantages of Sealrust™ Plastics Bags
  • Customised poly Products for specific Requirements
vci poly bags tubes

VCI Poly Wrappers

  • Poly Wrappers for Protection and Prevention against Corrosion
  • Advantages of Plastics Wrappers
  • Customised poly wrappers for specific Requirements
vci poly wrappers

Stretch Cling Film with VCI Properties

  • What is Poly Stretch Cling Film used for Packaging
  • PE Stretch Cling Film with VCI Properties
  • Stretch Cling Film manufactured in Custom Width and Thickness
  • Advantages of VCI PE Stretch Cling Film
stretch cling film

Bitumen Based Tape

  • Properties of Super Corro-310
  • Application of Super Corro-310
  • Application System & Technical Data
rust prevention, corrosion control, vci poly products from modipoly

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rust prevention, corrosion control, vci poly products from modipoly

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Rust Prevention, VCI based corrosion control solution
for long term protection of multi metal parts, assemblies and finished goods
from corrosion & rust to meet flexible packaging requirements.

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