corrosion protection, corrosion resistance, vci, anti rust, anti corrosion,  products, poly bags & sheets in custom sizes, poly wrappers for steel wire industry and tapes for insulation & protection made in India by Modi Poly

Mumbai based indian manufacturer & exporter of sealrust™ vci, Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor, anti corrosion, corrosion resistance, anti rust & corrosion protectionmaterial like VCI poly bags, tubes, plastics sheets, plastic wrappers stretch cling film in custom sizes for packaging of spare parts and engineering items for storage and exports, Tapes for Insulation & corrosion protection of Pipes made in India by Modi Polyfab Pvt Ltd. 

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corrosion protection, anti rust, anti corrosion,  products, poly bags & sheets in custom sizes, poly wrappers for steel wire industry and tapes for insulation

Sealrust anti Corrosion, VCI  Poly Flexible Packaging Material

Anti corrosion, anti rust, corrosion resistance Poly, VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor)  Bags, wrappers, Sheets and Stretch Cling Film in custom sizes and thickness for protection of automobile spare parts, bearings, and engineering items for exports. Sealrust™ is polymer based VCI bags and sheets for protection of iron, steel, copper, brass and other metals.

Advantage of Sealrust™ VCI Plastics Bags Tubes, Sheets

  • Corrosion resisitance VCI plastic bags and Poly sheets are Moisture and dust proof
  • Material packed in VCI, anti corrosive PE sheets require No other additional packing
  • Anti rust Sealrust™ poly sheets are almost Transparent and hence packed products can be indentified without opening the package
  • Can withstand temperature from -60 degree F to +200 degree F
  • Sealrust™ sheets made out of low density polyethylene are dimensionally stable and can be folded and available in custom sizes thus suitable for all types and sizes of products to be packed
  • Sealrust™ anti rust and anti corrosice plastics material is 100% recyclable
  • Economical than any other method used for corrosion protection
  • Sealrust™ VCI plastics flesible packaging material can withstand environmental abuse which paper cannot

  • Sealrust™ poly material is water, oil& grease resistant compared to paper

  • Plastic material has much more tensile strength than paper, hence it is tear resistance

Specialty Packaging,  Intermediate,  Performance Poly
Sheets and Tapes for Anti Rust and Anti Corrosive Applications

  • VCI Poly wrappers, with anti corrosive and Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor properties available in custom width and thickness for steel wire industry for packing and protection of coils. Printed Plastics wrappers are also used by manufacturers of hose pipes.
  • Special applications custom poly sheets required for manufacturing Tapes which is used for insulation and protection of pipes
plastics, poly customised bags, sheets, wrappers

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anti corrosion products made in india
anti corrosive, anti rust sealrust™ plastics products

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sealrust™ corrosion protection & anti rust, VCI Poly material made in India
for protection of metal components for seaworthy export packaging

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